Share your files from TRK: build 247
Thursday, October 19, 2006
A historical feature addition has seen the daylight in TRK 3.2 build 247. Although it was already a request a long time ago (from the days of 1.1), I 've only incorporated it now: TRK can run a Samba fileserver and share all your local harddrives!
This feature opens up many doors in terms of accessiblity for non Linux users who want access on their drives. A simple startup option from the TRK 3.2 bootscreen allows you to share your drives. No Linux knowledge required whatsoever.You could also run a spyware sweep from Windows or move files around. Anything you can do on files is possible (that is on healthy drives and filesystems of course).
here 's  a screenshot from TRK seen as a filesever in Windows as proof of concept.

Other new feature additions include:
-truecrypt (together with kernel module)
-AVG and Bitdefender can now delete files when they were unable to disinfect them. This includes trojans, spyware, malware and other filth.

-proxy parameters without username/password are correctly parsed for Freshclam. now finds TRK in the right CD. Was bug since addition of USB bootability (stupid coding)
-memtest works now, upgraded altogether to version 3.2

Downloads are available from the usual mirrors at Garr and Oregon State University
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