Wednesday, July 16, 2003

TRK 1.1 b98 seems quite alright so far, except I have one machine where the kernel panics on startup. It 's a dual Intel server with 2 PIII 750's. It panics when trying to scan the PCI bus. Very weird, versions of TRK with a custom Mandrake kernel boot ok. But then again, trying TRK 1.1 b98 in a completely similar machine (same mobo, 2x PIII 800), it boots ok. I 've tried recompiling the kernel, but all my defaults I normally use are there and yet still it panics.

If one of you has had similar problems, please let me know. I 'm planning of again using Mandrake kernel sources for the next build.

Speaking of such, next build will include diskdrake, a very small and menu driven tool to partition disks.

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