Finally: 1.1 is out!!!
Monday, July 7, 2003

Pffffff!!! A lot of sweat and mindtwisting (no tears though), Trinity Rescue Kit 1.1 is out. And I call it stable enough, already at build 98. I think I 've removed all the bugs and added all the features I planned to add in this release.

Go ahead and give it a try.

Here are the changes since my last post on build 93:

-two different ntfs modules, ntfs.o is version 2.1.4a ans ntfs1.o is version 1.1.21, which still has writing capabilities (although dangerous)
-mountallfs is much smarter and can take an argument: -d means dangerous and loads the old version of the ntfs driver, needed for writing capabilities.
-created umountallfs, the opposite of mountallfs.
-added ntfsprogs package (ntfsundelete is the most significant one)
-created winpass, a script that searches for all windows installations, asks you which one you like to change the password of and runs chntpw on the SAM file.
-added fatback, a fat undelete utility
-removed TRK_1-1_lite because TRKx does the same if no arguments are given
-USB nic detection, just like PCMCIA nic detection added to lilo
-get message of the day to test Internet connectivity
-created ntfsundeleteall, because ntfsundelete doesn 't take any wildcards. So this one does...
-debugged lots of error output

It should be stable now. At least, I 'm gonna stop working on it for a couple of weeks now. I 'm coming back down to earth. Will regularly update this site with news if any...

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