Build 93: PCMCIA works, ntfs still no R/W
Monday, June 30, 2003

Ok, build 93 is out, but tomorrow I 'll bring out build 94, which should at last have ntfs write support. Apparently, after kernel 2.4.17 they brought in completely new ntfs code which is faster and more stable but has no more write support, even if you tell it so.
So I 'm attempting to reverse engineer the 2.4.17 ntfs code into the 2.4.21 kernel. Let 's see how that turns out.

Meanwhile, the pcmcia nic detection looks like it 's working well. It tries loading every module and unloads them if unsuccesfull. This of course gives loads of garbage of devices not present, but since kudzu still can 't detect pcmcia devices, I have to do it this way. Anyway, it 's a separate lilo option, so you have to manually select it.

Small bug: eject cdrom isn 't picky on choosing what cdrom to eject if you have more than one. Should be a small fix.

On the development howto side: I 've created a tar archive that contains all the files on which I develop TRK. You can download it here: Instructions and an elaborate howto will follow after the final version of TRK.

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