TRK 3.2 build 239 released: mature beta phase
Monday, October 2, 2006
Long time since you got any big news from Trinity Rescue Kit, but this one 's very good:
I 'm releasing a mature beta version of Trinity Rescue Kit 3.2.
I call it a mature beta, because I 've already done quite some tests, but I lack real world feedback and not much is documented yet.

Major feature additions are:
- fast, reliable and full read write ntfs access with ntfs-3g,
-4 different virusscan engines (2 more) integrated in one script (Clamav, F-prot, AVG and BitDefender)
-boot from USB storage, accompanied with a very fine install script.
-full proxyserver support (working this time)
-much, much more. Really, I 'm not kidding, I was surprised myself when I summed it all up.
Plans for the final release are some bugfixes, minor feature additions and very extensive, well structured documentation. It 's the documentation that will be lots of work, but I notice from other popular live distros that this is imperative.
But, for now I 'm giving you this beta.

For the impatient, here 's a quick download link from our Italian friends at Garr. The file is almost 100mb.

Start reading all about it like the new features and some documentation
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