FUSE NTFS added to TRK + some bugfixes
Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Alive and kicking, another updated version of TRK released, TRK 3.0
build 204 and 204mdk. This time a major improvement: the addition of
the FUSE NTFS project [1] , which adds alternative ntfs write
capabilities in a safe and -more important- performant way. Using
'mountallfs -f' or 'ntfsmount' you can now talk to NTFS filesystems
and write to them (move, delete, new files, modify) and -unlike
captive-ntfs- without the need for extra file additions from
Microsoft. Only limitations are: max ... Read more
New mirror, new release and new alternate TRK branch
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh boy, 3 major announcements, all in one item.

-First start with the short news items: My cry for mirrors has been
heard: the kind people at Hyguard [1] have offered to rsync and
mirror Trinity Rescue Kit. Download speeds are up to as much as
10mbit and response times are very good. Thank you Hyguard!

-New build of TRK 3.0 available, number 201. Solved some bugs with
keyboard metacharacters and hopefully with startup hangs when
activating certain drivers

-New BRANCH of TRK 3.0 ... Read more
And there it is, champagne: Trinity Rescue Kit 3.0!!!
Friday, December 23, 2005

It took a lot of hard work and I had to bite my tongue not to talk
about it before, but I did it: I finally managed to create a new
version of Trinity Rescue Kit, ready to save all those poor sick

We welcome TRINITY RESCUE KIT 3.0 And I 'm proud of my baby. Well
actually, it 's not a baby anymore: TRK has grown mature now, both in
features and free of bugs. Also the size has increased, but I guess I
stil managed to keep it considering what you get for it. And it 's
still free! ... Read more
I need (more) fast binary mirrors and fast!
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

and why? Let 's keep that a secret for a couple a short while. But
people/organisations that want to mirror the TRK project and have
decent response/bandwidth, please tell me so asap(my server only has
512kbit/s). There 's an rsync stream available on

As soon as your mirror is up and running, let me know and I will
link you to it and the world can expect something nice. That 's all I
'm going to say for now. Read more
New documentation
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not so much progress on TRK, nevertheless I 've sorted out and
documented some other stuff, which I 've published for you.
First I 've documented from A to Z how to mirror an existing Linux
installation in a safe way, including bootloader. You can find that
document on bootable RAID 1 here [1]
The other project is a bit more complicated but explains you how to
set up a transparent firewall + bandwidth manager + brouter. Since I
found no decent HOWTO on it, I had to figure it out ... Read more
Mirror for TRK binaries
Monday, June 13, 2005

Thanks to the kind people of PlanetMirror I now have an extra fast
mirror for the Trinity Rescue Kit binaries. You can find it at
http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/trk/ [1]
At the same time you will also find the unpublished, unfinished
version 2.0 of Trinity Rescue Kit. With this, I 'm releasing it for
what it is. It 's a non official, non finished version which will
never be finalised. It boots quite nicely, but many custom scripts
are broken and I can 't give you any support on it. But ... Read more
Finally, new webserver is in place - looking behind and forward
Thursday, February 17, 2005

Waw, a day before it will be one year that I made my last post here,
I 'm finally making a new one!
If you see this message, it means you are on the new webserver for
For you it doesn 't mean much, just that it 's now on a 512kbit line
but without speed limitations during the daytime and that it runs
Mandrake 10. The hardware is only a PIII500 but will probably be
upgraded pretty soon.

On the front of a new version of TRK, I can 't promise you anything.
I would love to ... Read more
Working on new webserver for TRK
Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Once again, sorry guys, TRK development is in a dip. However, that
doesn 't mean I 'm not doing anything.

Even more, I 'm trying to plan my time as effeciently as possible
and so I 'm currently working on a new webserver for TRK. Trinity has
bought themselves a Supermicro 1U server. Man this thing 's a speed
I 'm gonna run kernel 2.6.2 on it, so now I 've got a reason why I
should start working with the new kernel. This way, I 'm strongly
considering using 2.6 for TRK 2. ... Read more
Busy busy busy
Sunday, February 1, 2004

Sorry guys you haven 't been hearing from me lately, but I 've been
sooo busy. Actually, I haven 't had a single day off since my last
post. Today is my first and I 'm too tired to start working on TRK.
Wednesday is my 30th birthday, so I guess I 'll have to party don 't
u think.

Meanwhile, TRK was up to build 116 on Jan. 14, but I can 't release
this version publicly since it contains copyrighted M$ files
(ntfs.sys and NTOSKRNL.EXE). As soon as I have the chance, I 'll be
releasing a ... Read more
TRK 2 Progress (2)
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

I added the captive-ntfs project to TRK 2.0, which is at build 115
now. Captive-ntfs will allow you to access ntfs drives in full
read-write mode by using original MS drivers. Due to licensing
restrictions, I 'll not be able to include the necessary files
separately, so I 'll have you edit the ISO and add them yourself. I
'll explain later how to do it.

Meanwhile: TRK 2 boots nicely already. I 'm gonna start fixing some
details and scripts. Apparently I won 't be able to compile in ... Read more