Virusscan: F-prot and Bitdefender fixed
Sunday, February 1, 2009
There are new versions for both BitDefender and F-prot and they point
to a different download url now.
I have adapted these URLs on my webserver.
The new F-prot seems to work ok.
The new Bitdefender has install problems because the install path
has changed and tries to install itself to /usr (which is read-only on
CD in TRK). Luckilly, the old Bitdefender is still available, just the
download path has changed. So that one works too.
If it hadn't, I had to release a new version of TRK and ... Read more
Repairing your PC from the AVG disaster with TRK
Thursday, November 13, 2008
No doubt millions of people will have the problem with the Grisoft
Antivirus (AVG) that had a false positive on the windows user32.dll
I had some PCs coming in too. Luckily not too many because ever
since AVG 8 came out, I 've been replacing it with Avast.
Nevertheless, some of my 'customers' still had an AVG and now had
Here 's a way you can fix it with TRK.
If you 're lucky, the computer you 're working on has lots of
$Uninstall directories from patches and such where you ... Read more
Thank you
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Thank you to all the American citizens who have voted for Barack
Obama. He will have a hard time cleaning up the mess of the 8 year
Republican debacle, but at least he gives hope to the world. My two
cents to the people of the U.S.A.: give this man time, don 't expect
things to change in 3 months. He 'll need at least his whole term of
presidency and probably even more to fix what's broken. And even
after that I 'd say: people, ALWAYS vote for the Democrats. If you
think back to recent ... Read more
Mass clone: powerful, flexible and fast multicast disk cloning in TRK 3.3 build 321
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yet another version of TRK 3.3, now at build 321.
This is a release candidate for the final TRK 3.3. After that, work
should start for TRK 4.0 and probably a long period of radio silenc
New stuff in this version:
-kernel 2.6.26. Hope this kernel is more stable on different
hardware. I also eliminated a serious disk performance flaw: it seems
that since some kernel around 2.6.23, the generic and slow IDE driver
had become the default, resulting on really slow I/O performance on
normally ... Read more
The world of tomorrow
Thursday, August 21, 2008
For once, I wish I were a U.S. citizen. So I could at least give one
vote for a better future.
And that future lies NOT in the hands of John McCain
To all U.S. Americans who read this post: please, please, please: GO
With great unbelief I recently learned from polls that John McCain
would have about as much votes as Obama. How is that possible? John
McCain is an extension of George Bush. I thought/hoped that after 8
years of Dark Ages with the George Bush jr. administration ... Read more
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Good news for me: my search for a job has ended and guess what.
I found the Linux job I 've been looking for all these years! As of
the 1st of August I 'm starting for the company GFDI/CPC [1] as a
Linux system engineer. It will be a very technical job, so finally a
real challenge for me.
Thanks to everyone that responded to my previous post!

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On the hunt for a job
Thursday, June 19, 2008
Since more than 2 years I 've been working as an external IT
consultant for a company in the DIY industry.
Budget problems and global company politics are now putting an end
to this mission. The employer I work for is currently looking for
another assignment, but as summer holidays are arriving this might
become a challenging endeavour.
Therefore, I 'm about to open all registers into finding the
appropriate job opportunity.
And where else better than on the website where my skills are ... Read more
Flash your Stein DVR 9405
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Last year, in an impulsive mood (I regularly have them), I bought
myself a DVD/HDD recorder from the brand Stein.
It costed me 219€, has a 250Gb harddrive, is able to record
both to DVD as to harddrive and has analog 5.1 connectivity. Reason
enough for me to buy it.
... I thought ...
I connected it and I was surprised by the ease of installation:
channel installation was very straight forward and easy to
configure. It was only afterwards that it began to bother me ... Read more
New beta 3.3 build 318 - Commercial support available for TRK
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
As of now, Trinity Rescue Kit has official commercial support.
Trinity has agreed in a partnership with the consultancy company Open
Computing [1] to give live and offline commercial support.
For years, people have been asking me whether they could be helped
by phone or online chat. Since I have my daytime job and already a lot
of work as it is, I could not provide this.
Well, now you can contact Open Computing who will help you with any
Linux problem you might have. Also Windows is ... Read more
New product: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows
Friday, April 4, 2008
For all the sysadmins dealing with remote users: ever got tired of not
being able to remote control a workstation because it 's behind a
firewall or a NAT-router (like most home connections)?
Well, here 's the solution: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows
is a set of commonly available and free utilities (UltraVNC and
putty), glued together with some pretty simple scripts in a self
extracting package that allow an administrator to connect to any PC
with (almost) any type of Internet ... Read more