I need (more) fast binary mirrors and fast!
Wednesday, December 21, 2005

and why? Let 's keep that a secret for a couple a short while. But
people/organisations that want to mirror the TRK project and have
decent response/bandwidth, please tell me so asap(my server only has
512kbit/s). There 's an rsync stream available on

As soon as your mirror is up and running, let me know and I will
link you to it and the world can expect something nice. That 's all I
'm going to say for now. Read more
New documentation
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not so much progress on TRK, nevertheless I 've sorted out and
documented some other stuff, which I 've published for you.
First I 've documented from A to Z how to mirror an existing Linux
installation in a safe way, including bootloader. You can find that
document on bootable RAID 1 here [1]
The other project is a bit more complicated but explains you how to
set up a transparent firewall + bandwidth manager + brouter. Since I
found no decent HOWTO on it, I had to figure it out ... Read more
Mirror for TRK binaries
Monday, June 13, 2005

Thanks to the kind people of PlanetMirror I now have an extra fast
mirror for the Trinity Rescue Kit binaries. You can find it at
http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/trk/ [1]
At the same time you will also find the unpublished, unfinished
version 2.0 of Trinity Rescue Kit. With this, I 'm releasing it for
what it is. It 's a non official, non finished version which will
never be finalised. It boots quite nicely, but many custom scripts
are broken and I can 't give you any support on it. But ... Read more
Finally, new webserver is in place - looking behind and forward
Thursday, February 17, 2005

Waw, a day before it will be one year that I made my last post here,
I 'm finally making a new one!
If you see this message, it means you are on the new webserver for
For you it doesn 't mean much, just that it 's now on a 512kbit line
but without speed limitations during the daytime and that it runs
Mandrake 10. The hardware is only a PIII500 but will probably be
upgraded pretty soon.

On the front of a new version of TRK, I can 't promise you anything.
I would love to ... Read more
Working on new webserver for TRK
Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Once again, sorry guys, TRK development is in a dip. However, that
doesn 't mean I 'm not doing anything.

Even more, I 'm trying to plan my time as effeciently as possible
and so I 'm currently working on a new webserver for TRK. Trinity has
bought themselves a Supermicro 1U server. Man this thing 's a speed
I 'm gonna run kernel 2.6.2 on it, so now I 've got a reason why I
should start working with the new kernel. This way, I 'm strongly
considering using 2.6 for TRK 2. ... Read more
Busy busy busy
Sunday, February 1, 2004

Sorry guys you haven 't been hearing from me lately, but I 've been
sooo busy. Actually, I haven 't had a single day off since my last
post. Today is my first and I 'm too tired to start working on TRK.
Wednesday is my 30th birthday, so I guess I 'll have to party don 't
u think.

Meanwhile, TRK was up to build 116 on Jan. 14, but I can 't release
this version publicly since it contains copyrighted M$ files
(ntfs.sys and NTOSKRNL.EXE). As soon as I have the chance, I 'll be
releasing a ... Read more
TRK 2 Progress (2)
Wednesday, January 7, 2004

I added the captive-ntfs project to TRK 2.0, which is at build 115
now. Captive-ntfs will allow you to access ntfs drives in full
read-write mode by using original MS drivers. Due to licensing
restrictions, I 'll not be able to include the necessary files
separately, so I 'll have you edit the ISO and add them yourself. I
'll explain later how to do it.

Meanwhile: TRK 2 boots nicely already. I 'm gonna start fixing some
details and scripts. Apparently I won 't be able to compile in ... Read more
TRK 2 progress
Monday, December 29, 2003

Binary upgrade to MDK 9.2 is as good as completed, I also changed
from Lilo to Isolinux no-emulation mode so I 'm not bound anymore by
floppy emu limitations. Next step is to go and build a new kernel.
Here 's a screenshot of the proposed new login screen. Only some
small changes with colors. If anybody has an artistic idea, let me

Read more
Roadmap for TRK 2.0 development
Thursday, December 18, 2003

Well, finally I 've started work for TRK 2.0. Yes yes, 2.0 because
it 'll be a major version upgrade with big changes and new features.

Here 's how I 'm going to be working:

1) Binary upgrade to Mandrake 9.2 binaries => ongoing, my VMWare
Mandrake machine has been upgraded, I 've searched all other packages
for their latest version. Will maybe release an intermediate version
with already some new tools.
2) Choice of kernel: 2.6 or still 2.4? I 'll probably go for the
"old" 2.4.22 ... Read more
Wednesday, November 5, 2003

All of a sudden, my webserver started doing weird stuff lately.
Headhunter had been playing around on it using Webmin, which was
designed for Apache 1.3. Since this is an Apache 2.0, it kind of
messed up my config.
Found that problem, but a few days later my menus had disappeared.
SSI (Server Side Includes) was not working anymore. Finally found out
why it didn 't work, but I 'm more surprised why it DID work before!
It shouldn 't have! It was only half configured and should not have
worked. ... Read more