Share your files from TRK: build 247
Thursday, October 19, 2006
A historical feature addition has seen the daylight in TRK 3.2 build
247 [1]. Although it was already a request a long time ago (from the
days of 1.1) [2], I 've only incorporated it now: TRK can run a Samba
fileserver and share all your local harddrives!
This feature opens up many doors in terms of accessiblity for non
Linux users who want access on their drives. A simple startup option
from the TRK 3.2 bootscreen allows you to share your drives. No Linux
knowledge required whatsoever.You ... Read more
Build 242 of TRK ready
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Trinity Rescue Kit bbuild 242 is now available for download.
This is the first TRK that is also distributed as a tar.gz file so
you upgrade your existing TRK on your USB stick. No need to burn any
new CD anymore. Instructions on how to do this available for both
from Windows as from Linux.
-virusscan: AVG support is working again. Grisoft had taken their
tar.gz version of their antivirus offline.
TRK is adapted to download the .rpm file, convert it with rpm2cpio
and install it on ... Read more
AVG support broken on TRK 3.2
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Just now when I released TRK 3.2 beta, Grisoft decides to remove AVG
for Linux Workstation from their download pages.
This means AVG support under TRK 3.2 is broken. I 'll be able to fix
it using AVG for Linux Email Server, but I 'm wondering whether it 's
really worth it since I 've still got three other antiviri. Read more
TRK 3.2 build 239 released: mature beta phase
Monday, October 2, 2006
New beta version of TRK 3.2 available.
Some of the new features
- fast, reliable and full read write ntfs access with ntfs-3g,
-4 different virusscan engines (2 more) integrated in one script (Clamav, F-prot, AVG and BitDefender)
-boot from USB storage, accompanied with a very fine install script.
-full proxyserver support (working this time)

...and way more, go read all about it. Read more
Mayday mayday, disk crashing!
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Some might have noticed, yesterday this server went down. Apparently
one of the disks is failing, i.e. the disk where the backups are
being done to. Just now when Rez Kiyn [1] needed a restore (because
he accidentally destroyed all the pictures of his holiday to Thailand
on every location he had them).
Bad luck Rez, really bad luck. I 'll try to recuperate whatever I
can from that disk, but I suggest you fire up a TRK and start
recovering your pics from your SD cards with Photorec [2]
In the ... Read more
Forum user cleanup
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
I did a big cleanup in TRK 's forum user database. All users that had
no posts on their name were probably spamposters from who I removed
their posts in the past. About two third (!) of the users were
removed. Read more
Ntfs-3g integrated in TRK
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Ntfs-3g [1] is a new userland ntfs driver for Linux, and it 's
véééry promising: full read-WRITE access, safe
and fast. I 've been doing a few tests and so far it looks very good.
This time no extra files to add to TRK, no limitations and how much
you can write, no crashes. Hmm, I can 't wait to release a new TRK
beta. But first do some more test myself (and add/adapt some
If no problems are reported after beta testing, it will become the
default when ... Read more
3 days of work for TRK... down the drain
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Raaaahhh, stupid me! Stupid me! Stupid me!
I needed a loopback file to create a test ntfs filesystem on. Stupid
me took the initrd file I use to develop TRK on! New script to
install TRK on USB: down the drain. Updated mountallfs: down the
Please hit me! I 'm such a dumb ass :(((( Read more
USB bootability is a fact
Thursday, August 17, 2006
Finally got some time on my hands to work on TRK again. I 'm glad to announce that USB bootability is working. Read more
Download links TRK not working
Friday, June 30, 2006
The TRK download links weren 't working anymore because of the 301
redirect on the /trk dir (the site migration u know).
This has been solved now, sorry for the inconvenience. Read more