Build 300 ready for download
Monday, October 8, 2007
Not much has changed, but here 's a alternative beta to download for
those having trouble with hardware support in build 299.
It 's got the latest kernel and hopefully it will solve the
hardware support problems on some reported systems.
What also is new is the support for IDE raid. I 've added the latest
version of dmraid (1.00rc14).
This kernel has no bootsplash support since I don 't find any
up-to-date working patches for bootsplash anymore. The maintainer of
the project ... Read more
Thursday, October 4, 2007
For all people wishing to contribute to or develop their own custom
version of TRK: I 've released an SDK tarball which contains all the
necessary binaries and scripts to build a new version of TRK.
The tarball is what will bake you a TRK 3.3 build 299 iso.
I 've come up with some breef documentation on how to get around in
it. I expect people who are about to mess around are experienced
Linux commandline users who are serious about bash scripting.
Check out this page [1] and download your ... Read more
New (beta) TRK 3.3 build 299: forced bugfix release
Friday, September 14, 2007
Because of broken functionality with the F-prot part of virusscan and
numerous incompatible new disk controlelrs, I am forced to release a
beta version of the upcoming TRK.
Version is now 3.3, build 299. The final version is supposed to be
You 'll be pleased to find out that this intermediate TRK has
already lots of new functionality and bugfixes that were supposed to
go in the final version.
Here 's a sumup of what 's new since TRK 3.2 build 279:
-added a fifth antivirus engine to ... Read more
Support TRK: help us win a car!
Monday, August 6, 2007
Maybe you 've been here before and you downloaded Trinity Rescue Kit
or maybe you are about to.
Trinity Rescue Kit is a completely free tool which can save you a
lot of money and agony. It is downloaded about 10.000 times/month and
donations don 't exactly match up to that amount of downloads.
Now here 's a way to help Trinity Rescue Kit and it doesn 't cost
you anything: you can vote for my colleague Philippe Hurtgen and me,
Tom Kerremans by submitting your e-mail address on the ... Read more
Virusscan with AVG functional again
Thursday, July 12, 2007
People who 've been using "virusscan -a avg" might have noticed that
this functionality got broken.
It is because Grisoft changed the url of the download page of their
AVG rpm.
Luckily, TRK has the ability to adapt by contacting the trinityhome
webserver and download the new url.
I 've changed that url to point to the correct download page, gave
it a try with TRK 3.2 and it seems to be working nicely.
One caveat however, against which I can 't do anything: the filesize
of AVG rpm has grown ... Read more
Sweet Google Pagerank
Monday, July 9, 2007

Quick post: it 's been a while since u ' ve heard anything from
Trinity Rescue Kit, but that doesn 't mean it ain't still alive and
kicking. Proof of that is the new Google pagerank, which after years
being a 5 has gone up 6. Wohoow!
Thanks to y 'all websites and users that showed interest in the
project. It 's much appreciated.
I hope to be releasing a new version of TRK very soon. Got something
ready, but it needs to be finished like I want it. Read more
3.2 build 279: bugfix release
Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Bugfix release of TRK launched: TRK 3.2 build 279
-new kernel
-internationalisation set to UTF-8
-latest ntfs-3g
-fixed AVG in virusscan
-minor documentation updates
-added fping
-fixed ntfsundeleteall Read more
3.2 final released
Friday, January 19, 2007
It is done. TRK 3.2 is officially released.
Build number is at 275, so that means a lot of work has gone into it
since the latest beta release which was 247.
A lot of work has also gone into documenting it all. Thanks to
Trinity member Headhunter, it 's been nicely integrated in 's CMS (with the option print-as-one-big-page)
Read all about it on the frontpage of TRK.
In short, the new and improved features:
-ntfs-3g: full read/write ntfs support
-virusscan can make use of ... Read more
BitDefender updated, but bug in TRK, yet an easy workaround
Monday, November 6, 2006
It seems BitDefender has updated their Linux version of their
virusscanner from 7.5-3 to 7.5-4, which also changes the download URL
used by TRK's virusscan script.
This is a scenario I had foreseen in TRK 3.2. I can adapt the url on
the trinityhome webserver so you get redirected to the correct url.
It will give you a warning that this url is not the same than the one
mentionned originally on TRK. You can then answer "y" if you want to
continue. Unfortunately, it will not continue.
But, ... Read more
Looking for real life examples
Friday, October 27, 2006
Trinity Rescue Kit is a quite widely used tool. I know that, I see it
from the number of times it 's being downloaded (about 4000
times/month), I see it from the times it gets started and fetches its
message of the day.
What I lack is more feedback. The online poll we 've started already
sheds some light on how TRK is being used or what 's most important
about it.
But I would like real life examples, where you used it to save your
files, repair your PC or anything. I want to use that in ... Read more