TRK on
Thursday, July 31, 2003 [1]

Unfortunately, an error appeared in the URL, leading to a dead link: [2] instead of [3]. Even then, people managed
to get to the TRK, since my acces logs where 3 times as high today as
any other day.

John Savill from is about to correct the problem.

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Need mirrors - SF submission - NTFaq
Friday, July 25, 2003

I 'm looking for fast mirrors. If anyone would like to mirror the
binaries on a fast link, please contact me, harakiri.
TRK has been submitted to SourceForge as a project. Let 's hope it
gets accepted, then I 'll have plenty of mirrors.
If your download is slow, try also the mirror at my home ISP,
Pandora for trinity-rescue-kit.1.1-build-98.iso.gz. [1] This should
be a very fast link. It 's just the iso.gz file, but it 's
unpackable in both Linux (of course) as well as the ... Read more
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

TRK 1.1 b98 seems quite alright so far, except I have one machine
where the kernel panics on startup. It 's a dual Intel server with 2
PIII 750's. It panics when trying to scan the PCI bus. Very weird,
versions of TRK with a custom Mandrake kernel boot ok. But then
again, trying TRK 1.1 b98 in a completely similar machine (same mobo,
2x PIII 800), it boots ok. I 've tried recompiling the kernel, but
all my defaults I normally use are there and yet still it panics.

If one of you has had ... Read more
False alarm!!!
Friday, July 11, 2003

For those who have read that Partition Image on TRK 1.1 b98 was
broken: false alarm!! It didn 't work on one PC, but that had a bad
CD reader (nl. Creative 52x, yuk!!!) and probably read it
corruptedly. It 's working fine as we speak on another machine.

Fiiieeuw, no new build needed... :-D Read more
Check out the FAQ
Friday, July 11, 2003
I 've added an extra section to the usage howto: Frequently and less
frequently asked question. [1]

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Finally: 1.1 is out!!!
Monday, July 7, 2003

Pffffff!!! A lot of sweat and mindtwisting (no tears though),
Trinity Rescue Kit 1.1 is out. And I call it stable enough, already
at build 98. I think I 've removed all the bugs and added all the
features I planned to add in this release.

Go ahead and give it a try [1].

Here are the changes since my last post on build 93:

-two different ntfs modules, ntfs.o is version 2.1.4a ans ntfs1.o is
version 1.1.21, which still has writing capabilities (although
-mountallfs is much ... Read more
Build 93: PCMCIA works, ntfs still no R/W
Monday, June 30, 2003

Ok, build 93 is out, but tomorrow I 'll bring out build 94, which
should at last have ntfs write support. Apparently, after kernel
2.4.17 they brought in completely new ntfs code which is faster and
more stable but has no more write support, even if you tell it so.
So I 'm attempting to reverse engineer the 2.4.17 ntfs code into the
2.4.21 kernel. Let 's see how that turns out.

Meanwhile, the pcmcia nic detection looks like it 's working well.
It tries loading every module and unloads ... Read more
Build 92: almost there
Saturday, June 28, 2003

Alrighty then, almost finished. I hope. I hope I don 't come up with
any new features. Anyway: most bugs are out, or almost. Find the
latest version in the download section...

Lets 's see:
-gpm: run mouseps2 for a ps2 mouse and mouseser for generic serial
mouse support.
-devfs errors fixed (just removed some non-existent stuff which wasn
't needed)
-eject cdrom WORKS!!! Actually, it was quite simple to have it work,
but like most simple solutions, they 're sometimes hard to find ;)
Still ... Read more
Things todo (more bugs)
Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Inspite of the remaining bugs, TRK 1.1 build 90 is now at the same
stability level as was 1.0 with already lots of extra features.

Standing or new bugs:
-gpm mouse service: forgot all about it, but it 's still not ok, you
have to manually start it
-devfs errors: fixed in new build
-still no PCMCIA network card detection: making script that tests
them all and loads the appropriate one
-eject cdrom: any suggestions what could be the problem anybody?
"lsof" doesn 't show any open file on cd ... Read more
Build 90 of TRK 1.1 released
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Some debugging from version 89, but with a newer version of kudzu.
I' m very curious on testing this on a laptop.

Bugs fixed since build 89:
-upgraded from Kudzu 0.99-99 to 1.1.3-1.1 and updated hwdata-0.87-1.1
-TRKx option 6: virusscan flag is now set, it checks if you 've
chosen nr. 2 network and depending on that option it will or won 't
update your .def files first.
-Lilo keyboard language default in US English qwerty
-Lilo wait timeout from 5 to 10 seconds on demand of ... Read more