Webserver down hassles
Monday, February 1, 2010
Around 30-31st of January 2010 this website was as good as down. Unfortunately this was not the first time. But the difference was that it came back on its own, so it gave me an opportunity to trace the cause of the problems. Apparently the server went out-of-memory because of too many smtp-connections (too much spam).
I made some adjustments to prevent excessive memory usage, hopefully the problems are gone now. Read more
Meet Sam Verstricht
Saturday, June 20, 2009
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Hello, I'm Sam Verstricht, born 3 days ago on 17 june 2009 at 11h05

Tech. specs:

Length: 49cm
Weight: 3,130kg

Mom: Karin Collier
Dad: Bart verstricht (alias Headhunter)

Our personal website: http://www.strikkies.be

Meet you there!

You may also sign our guestbook there :) Read more
Flash your Stein DVR 9405
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Last year, in an impulsive mood (I regularly have them), I bought
myself a DVD/HDD recorder from the brand Stein.
It costed me 219€, has a 250Gb harddrive, is able to record
both to DVD as to harddrive and has analog 5.1 connectivity. Reason
enough for me to buy it.
... I thought ...
I connected it and I was surprised by the ease of installation:
channel installation was very straight forward and easy to
configure. It was only afterwards that it began to bother me ... Read more
New product: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows
Friday, April 4, 2008
For all the sysadmins dealing with remote users: ever got tired of not
being able to remote control a workstation because it 's behind a
firewall or a NAT-router (like most home connections)?
Well, here 's the solution: Trinity Remote Support Pack for Windows
is a set of commonly available and free utilities (UltraVNC and
putty), glued together with some pretty simple scripts in a self
extracting package that allow an administrator to connect to any PC
with (almost) any type of Internet ... Read more
Meet Jeroom
Monday, December 17, 2007
Finally, our little boy has arrived: meet Jeroom Kerremans, son of
Ingrid Renders and Tom Kerremans.
Already my best friend and such a good boy.
Don 't have much time to make an elaborate post, must get back to
the hospital :-)
Date of birth: 17-12-2007, 10:00
Weight: 3,33kg, height: 51cm.
Godfather: Steven Renders
Godmother: Lieve Teugels Read more
If you see this post you're on the new webserver!
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Trinityhome.org is now running on a new server with bigger bandwidth
thanks to the kind people of Ipcoast.
The current server is a virtual server on Xensource with about 5mb
If you have any problems browsing the site, please post a comment.
Harakiri and Headhunter. Read more
A new gem, by Headhunter
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
A new website, designed and created by my fellow Trinity member
headhunter has seen the daylight:
www.3care.be [1]
The site owner is another buddy of ours, Cedric, who 's into tree
and garden maintenance.
If you live in Belgium and you 've got a tree in your garden that
needs to be topped or chopped because it 's becoming a hazard, 3care
(read "tree care") are the guys you need.

[1] http://www.3care.be
Read more
Planned outage
Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tonight, thursday 22/03/2007, there will be a planned outage of this
The reason is that this server will be physically moved from
Schaarbeek to Wemmel. Normally the new DSL line is already active,
otherwise it might be that the outage will last until 23/03/2007. Read more
For rent - Te huur - A louer
Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Binnenkort is 't zover: Ingrid en ik gaan verhuizen naar Humbeek.
De laatste lagen verf worden geschilderd, nog wat cisal hier, een
paar plinten daar en we kunnen erin.
Ondertussen zetten we ons appartement al te huur. Speciaal voor de
gelegenheid een domeinnaam geregistreerd.
Bezoek ons appartement op www.appartement-tehuur.be [1]
Geïnteresseerden raad ik aan om ons nog te bezoeken voor het
leeg is om de goede sfeer mee te snuiven.

[1] http://www.appartement-tehuur.be
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Cooling down the Icybox
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Cooling down an ICY box: here 's how to do it. Read more